Translate Marriage Certificate from French to English | English to French

Official and legally approved translation is needed for official or legal works. There are many situations where you require translation of your documents from French to English.

Types of Language Translation

There are 2 kinds of translation when it comes to translation of Marriage Certificate from French to English | English to French

  • Notarial Translation
  • Certified Translation / Professional Translations / Legal Translation

Go to Translation Process Directly

Go to Translation Process Directly

Notarial French to English Translation | English to French

In this type of translation the Translator will be doing the translation and finally the notarial authority will check the original Marriage Certificate and translated document for correctness and truthness of the translation.

If the translation has a notarial seal it means that the information in translated documents are exactly the same as the original document. This kind of translation is submissible in all sorts of government works such as court submission, submission to police department or any other organisation.

This type of translation can only be used within india. Notarial translation is not accepted in foreign countries.

Certified / Professional / Legal French to English Translation | English to French

In this type of translation the translation is made according to ISO rules. ISO rules are put in place to maintain accuracy and trustworthiness of the translation. According to ISO rule once the draft of English Translation is made, the draft needs to be checked by a different translator to maintain the accuracy. 

Since there are strict guidelines for Certified translation, it is acceptable in foreign countries as well. If you are travelling to foreign country and you need to translate your documents then you must go for a certified translation.

Certified translation is acceptable within India as well as outside.

Note – for foreign travellers if you are travelling to foreign country and you have your Marriage Certificate in French and you want to translate it into foreign language, then the document Certificate first needs to be translated to English then it will be translated to foreign language.

Time and Cost Taken for Translate Marriage Certificate from French to English | English to French


If it is an old document, see that all the information is clear in the visible if not clearly inform the translator what are the missing details.

Once the draft is made it will be shared  to you as well, clearly check the draft and highlight the mistakes in the translation.

If it is a certified translation check you have received a certificate of translation along with the translation.

Check all the seals which are present in the original document have also been translated.

If the translation is submitted to foreign entity such as the Embassy, the University, the registrar get an apostille for the translation.

For notarial Translation the notary should put seal and signature check if the final draft has it or not 


How do I convert a document from French to English?

To Translate any official document from one language to another you need to approach a certified Translator. A certified Translator has training in both languages and understands cultural and linguistic nuance so that he can produce a correct translation without misunderstanding, or convey exact message. Certified Translation will come with a certificate of translation and accuracy certificate which ensures that the document is translated to the highest standard. Register here to get Certified Translation.

How can I translate my certificate to English?

There are 2 kinds of translation 

  1. Notarial Translation
  2. Certified Translation

If you are using translation both of the translation work, but if you are using the translation outside India  then you must obtain Certified Translation.

You can get your certificate translation by registering here

What is the cost of French to English translation in India?

There are 2 kinds of French Translation

  1. Certified Translation ( Done by authorised Translators in India ) – 2500 + GST
  2. Sworn Translation ( Done by Sworn Translators in France ) – 6000 + GST 

Sworn Translation is highest level of translation, It is valid where ever the french is accepted.

We at Wordly Translation maintain the highest level of integrity and accuracy while translating the document. We provide Country Embassy approved translation, Meaning the Language Translation we do will be accepted in all regions where the language is accepted as a legal language.

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