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Translation services play a vital role in ensuring accurate communication across languages. Certified translation, like sworn translation, is crucial for legal documents, ensuring their authenticity and acceptance in official settings, such as immigration or legal proceedings.

Below are the 6 steps to get any document translated as per the legal requirement.

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Types of Language Translation

There are 2 types of language translation whenever we are translating the document from one language to another

  • Notarial Translation
  • Certified Translation

Notarial  Translation 

Whenever you are using the document within India,  which has different language in different states you need notarial translation. Notarial translation is done by the translator who knows both the languages and finally it will be compared and verified by the notary person. Notary will put seal and signature on the document stating the translated document content is same as the original. 

This Kind of translation is used within India.

Certified Language Translation

Whenever you are travelling to Any State then you need ISO certified Language translation.. ISO certificate shows that the Language  translation was made according to the ISO rules to keep the quality of the translation high without any mistakes.

Anyone who is certified by the competent authority to translate documents in India can do Certified  Language translation.

Sworn Language Translation 

In Sworn Language Translation, anyone who is registered in court can do this translation. These translators swear in front of the Judge  saying they will do the translation with highest integrity. 

Only Native Language speakers are authorised by the court to translate the document. All the Sworn translation happens in State only.

Time need for Different Language Translation

Time  Taken for Different Language Translation

  • Notarial Language Translation
    Time –  2-3 working days
  • Certified Language Translation
    Time – 3 working days
  • Sworn Language Translation
    Time – 3- 4 working days 

Cost of Language Translation

Cost of language translation depends on how much content is there to translate the document or how many pages are there to translate. Whether it is with apostille or without apostille. Is it a general translation or legal translation or technical translation or scientific translation. Many factors to consider.

For simplicity we can consider translation of birth, marriage, degree translation then the cost of Language translation will be 

  • Certified Translation – 1100₹ / Page 
  • Sworn Translation – 2200₹ / Page 
  • Notarial Translation – 800₹ / Page

How to get Language Translation

Below are the steps to get any document Translation 

  • Apply for Language  Translation on the portal
  • Receive the Draft of the Language translation over email. And send feedback if any correction is needed
  • Translation will be checked by 3 translators for accuracy
  • Final printout of the Translation 
  • Receive Hard copy of the translation.


How can I change my birth certificate from Hindi to English?

There are 2 ways to change the hindi birth certificate to English 1) Asking the registrar to issue you a new certificate with English included. Getting new birth certificate is longer and costlier process.2) Translating the existing birth certificate from Hindi to English its very quick within same day it will be done.

Can birth certificate be translated in English?

The Birth certificate can be translated to English from native indian languages through certified or Notary translators. Translation should be done only by the proffessionals. Machine Translation is not legally submissible.

How to translate certificate into English?

English Translation can be done by the trained professionals. These professionals are certified to do the Translation. Only Certified Translation is legally submissible. There is one more translation called notarial translation which is done by Notary, Its not Accepted in foreign countries. You can register on wordlytranslation.com to get the translation quickly.

How to translate Hindi document to English?

Hindi document can be translated to english by ISO certified translator who checks the translation for cultural accuracy, spelling accuracy adn qality of translation. OF you are travelling to foreign country then you must go through certified professional Translators only.

How do I change my birth certificate to English?

Translation of the birth certificate from native Indian languages to English can be carried out by certified or notary translators. It is imperative that professionals handle the translation, as machine translation is not legally admissible.

How can I translate my certificate to English?

Trained professionals are authorized to perform English translations, and their certification is a prerequisite for legal submission. Another type of translation, known as notarial translation, is conducted by a Notary but is not accepted in foreign countries. For prompt translation services, you can register on wordlytranslation.com.

How to translate birth certificate to English for visa?

There are two methods to change the Hindi birth certificate to English. The first involves requesting the registrar to issue a new certificate with English included, but obtaining a new birth certificate is a lengthier and more expensive process. The second option is to translate the existing birth certificate from Hindi to English, which is a faster process and can be completed within the same day. Additionally, if you need the translation for visa purposes, it is recommended to choose the translation option.

We at Wordly Translation maintain the highest level of integrity and accuracy while translating the document. We provide Indian Embassy approved translation, Meaning the Language Translation we do will be accepted in all regions where the language is accepted as a legal language.

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