English to Spanish Sworn Translation of Documents

Original price was: ₹3,999.00.Current price is: ₹3,000.00.

Spanish Sworn Translation is exclusively performed within Spain by native Spanish-speaking translators.

✅ The translation process is officially authorized by the Spanish Court, Embassy of Spain, and the Spanish Government.

✅ Pricing is per page; clients can select the number of pages needed for their Spanish translation.

✅ In addition to the main document, any Apostille and other seals on the backside will be translated into Spanish as a separate page.

✅ Upon completion, a scanned copy of the translated document is shared with the client’s registered email for verification.

✅ Hard copies of the translated document will be delivered both within India and internationally.

✅ The translated document is valid for use in all relevant places, including VISA applications, consulates, within Spain, and Spanish-speaking countries.

✅ The translated document is duly signed and stamped, ensuring its authenticity and legal recognition.

Deliverables for Spanish Sworn Translation

⏩ Draft of Spanish Sworn Translation for checking the Name, Date, address details

⏩ Soft copy of Spanish Sworn Translation duly signed and Stamped

⏩ Hardcopy of Spanish sworn translation is delivered to home


Steps Involved in Spanish Sworn Translation

Online Order Steps –

Step 1 – Choose the Spanish Sworn translation

Step 2 – Select Number of Pages you want to translate

Step 3 – Upload the document in Upload section

Step 4 – Checkout and make the Payment


Spanish Sworn Translation Steps

✔️ Sworn Translator will Translate the uploaded Document

✔️ Initial Draft is Sent to your E-mail for confirmation of Name, Date, Numbers and other personal details

✔️ After receiving the feedback, final printout is taken

✔️ A Soft copy of the final Spanish Sworn translation is Provided to you over the email

✔️ A Hardcopy of the Spanish sworn translation with seal and signature will be delivered to the requested address


Delivery Time for Spanish Sworn Translation

We need 24-48 working Hrs (1-2 working Days to complete the translation), excluding Sundays and other public holidays.

For quick resolution, please call us or WhatsApp us at – +917406384899

E-Mail – [email protected]

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